Basket making is an art form that is thousands of years old. It is the most basic of all crafts in its methods and material, and its development reflects local traditions. Handmade baskets have a cachet that has never been equaled. 

Offering a tall rye basket with lid. It is handwoven, natural rye basket.  This basket has self handles woven into the sides and measures 30"T and 12"D .

This basket has been made entirely by hand. All baskets have weaver's stain to prevent the stained reed from running.  To keep free of dust, rinse your basket with cold water and set to dry.

Basket make wonderful presents for any occasion. This basket was probably used for storage. Its size lends it for many purposes. It is in excellent condition - tight weave,no loose ends, holes or damage. It will serve for years to come.



Nine Patch Quilt

We are offering a "Nine Patch Quilt" made in Lancaster County, circa 1920-1940. This unusual quilt design is dominated by  block squares (9 patches each) of multiple colors. Each block is connected to yellow cotton material stitched in lines to highlight the squares. The outer border is patchwork pieces framing the entire quilt. The quilt measures 80 x 80.

The quilt has a pink printed border and is backed by alternating bands of pink and salmon printed cotton. The colors are bright and crisp- the stitches are tight. It is in excellent condition and would brighten any room.




We are offering a blue & white quilt, circa 1900's, 65 x 78. This pattern is a unique contrast of red, blue and white in  alternating triangles. The main background is white with tiny red dots. The blue triangles have tiny white dots and the white triangles have larger red dots. One triangle at the bottom row is white with blue lines. The quilt is backed with white cotton with larger red dots. All works smoothly with subtle color patterns.

 There is a tiny worn spot and stain on the quilt which is shown in the pictures. But overall,this quilt is in excellent condition with honest wear,crisp colors, and tight stitches.

# DMD - 7004



We are offering a "Basket Quilt" measuring 78 x 78. The dominant design is a series of "baskets' in alternating colors. the border is a rust-red which promoted the "baskets" throughout the quilt. The colors are crisp and clean. The stitches tiny and tight. This quilt is in excellent condition.




We are offering a Lancaster County Quilt."Hole in the Barn Door",measuring 72 x 78. The dominant design is alternating quilted blocks with contrasting smaller blocks. The background is an orange red fabric which highlights the blocks. Quilt pattern of swirling stitches are stitched around the border. Stitches are tiny and tight - color crisp. The condition is excellent.



Geometric Quilt

We are offering a Lancaster County Quilt, "Geometric Pattern" measuring 72 x 74". it is late 19 th - early 20th century of cotton patchwork with 9 stitches per inch. The stitching is tiny and small and colors crisp and clean. It is in excellent condition with minor wear.

# #HLO




We are offering a "Six Pointed String Star" Quilt. circa 1940. This unusual quilt design is dominated by six pointed stars created with multiple fabrics. Each star is place on yellow cotton with diamond stitching at each corner. The background is a lavender cotton, stitched with a triangular design around each star. Yellow cotton repeats at the border with waves of quilt stitching.

This quilt is in excellent condition,colors crisp and clean. All stitching is tiny and tight.

# DJJK 209112



We are offering a "Shattered Glass" Quilt. This colorful quilt is a design of alternating diagonal patches bordered by a 7" calico piece of bright orange. The orange border has lines of diagonal stitches throughout the border.

This quilt has bright,crisp colors and tiny,tight stitching. This would look great on a wooden table or on the back of a settle.It is in excellent condition and measures 64 x 66".




We are offering a "Cheddar Quilt" made in Berks County,Pa. The design is dominated by triangular white patches with flower baskets alternating with quilted flower designs on bright "cheddar colored" cotton.The borders are quilted in a swirling design bordering the entire quilt.
The colors are crisp and clean;the stitches are small and tight. There is some oxidation of colors near the flower baskets. This does not detract from the beauty of the quilt but demonstrates the quilt's age.
The size is 72" x 72".



Table Top Hooked Rug

We are offering a finely executed,20th Century (Circa 1900) hooked,table top rug, displaying a circle of flowers on a purple background,bordered by rows of white flowers with bunches of posies at each corner. Both sides are pictured. This piece measures 18 x 18. Stitching is tight with crisp,clean colors. Overall condition is excellent.This could serve as a table top or a wall hanging with great success.



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